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Crisis in Primary Places

Independent Richard Garner
Education Editor
Wednesday 16 April 2014
One in seven children fail to win admission to their first choice school
Tens of thousands of children have missed out on their first-choice school this year
Teachers’ leaders warned of a crisis in primary school places on a day when thousands of parents had to face up to the disappointment of not getting their child into their first-choice school.
A poll of more than 50 local councils indicated that around one in seven parents – nearly 86,000 – failed to win a place at …

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Surge in admissions lotteries threatens children’s right to place at local school

Parentsoutloud say this was ever thus it nothing new look back on this site and you can read posts on school place lotteries some years ago…

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Save Childhood Movement launches ‘Too Much, Too Soon’ Campaign

Movement calls for a stop to all developmentally inappropriate policy making in early education
A collaboration of 127 early years experts and concerned supporters has united in signing an

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Schools celebrate success in GCSE league table of exam results

SECONDARY schools are celebrating after all of them in south and west Dorset saw an increase in the number of pupils…