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Time to stop homwork

End homework it has got totally out of hand children are often in school from 8 am till late afternoon we then expect them to do homework often at secondary level 2 hours a night longer at weekend and then when they get a holiday they are set project ruining any quality family time they have. In the past we have criticized the Japanese for the stress they put their children under and the high rate of teenage suicide we in UK now equal them.
By 11 children are in …

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Gove strikes a blow for British values

Daily Mail
10 June 2014
This was the day the Cabinet spat over hostile media briefings paled into insignificance, as the true nature and scale of the Birmingham ‘Trojan Horse’ scandal emerged in horrifying detail.
What has this country come to, when children at supposedly secular British state schools are indoctrinated into a ‘narrow, faith-based ideology’ inspired by an extremist interpretation of Islam?
How have we reached a point where non-Muslim pupils can be excluded from publicly-funded school trips to Saudi Arabia… or where taxpayers’ money is hijacked to set up an Islamist …


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Crisis in Primary Places

One in seven children fail to win admission to their first choice school .Tens of thousands of children have missed out on their first-choice school this year…

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Surge in admissions lotteries threatens children’s right to place at local school

Parentsoutloud say this was ever thus it nothing new look back on this site and you can read posts on school place lotteries some years ago…