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Position on education Feb 2021

A statement regarding the opening of educational settings, our plans to help children catch up and the arrangements we have put in place for qualifications.
The Prime Minister announced on Monday a cautious road map for the gradual relaxation of our current social restrictions. It isn’t quite the end, but the end is very clearly in sight. As the House is by now aware, the rates of Covid infection have come down enough for us let children go back to school from Monday 8th March. Secondary and college students will …

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‘I want to be clear right now – this is not okay. Special educational needs pupils are not someone else’s problem’
Eleanor Busby Education Correspondent Independent
The education secretary has spoken out against the practice of “off-rolling”, which sees schools exclude children with special educational needs through the back door – often in order to improve their league table position.
Damian Hinds made the intervention after hearing what he said were “many stories” of schools using informal exclusions to get rid of pupils with educational needs and disabilities (SEND), and prevent them from …

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Sign Language for Deaf Children

‘This is a fantastic step in the right direction. The government has listened carefully to the powerful, passionate case made by deaf children’
Eleanor Busby Education Correspondent Independent

The call for British Sign Language to be taught in schools was debated in the Commons earlier this year
The call for British Sign Language to be taught in schools was debated in the Commons earlier this year ( Getty )
The government is “open to considering” a new GCSE in British Sign Language following a campaign.
The National Deaf Children’s Society has hailed the …

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Inset Day at End of Long Summer Holiday good or difficut

I was hoping to speak to any parents of school-age children who are irritated by the practise of schools adding inset days to the end of the summer holidays, creating child care problems.
I would treat any comments in complete confidence unless parents are happy to be quoted by name.
I would be grateful if any parent who is happy to chat could email me asap with a number on which I can reach them, or call me direct on 0203 615 3017 or 07836 673 924.
Many thanks, Jonathan …