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About Us

Who are we ?

Who are we?

A team of parents with children of all age groups from babies to teenagers. This team are currently spread geographically over England but if the demand is there we hope to cover the World. ParentsOutloud is master minded by Margaret Morrissey a grandmother with 39 years of experience of being a mother and 12 years a grandmother. Margaret has been a governor, PTA member, OFSTED Lay Inspector and National PTA public relations/press officer. She has worked with the DSFC, teacher unions, etc.



ParentsOutloud is an independent, non-funded and non profit group. It’s goal is to help parents, teachers, grandparents, carers and any other interested people share their views and experience. We hope to keep people up to date with current education changes and laws. Also to give a brief insight into the educational news stories of the day.

Why we want to be heard

Why we want to be heard

It is important there are channels for parents to hear what government does in their name, to give their views on issues effecting their child’s school, education and education funding. On almost a daily basis the Government tells parents how to rear their children but then blame parents if all turns out not to be well. If they never receive feedback then they cannot be blamed for not listening to us. Parents often feel isolated and think their child is different, not developing well or to quickly this website will help anyone in this position to seek information from others and probably realise things are just normal and many others have the same worry. Hopefully we will in time be able to have contact with local authorities another major issue for parents who can go round in circles before getting to the right person lets hope we can change this.



Our values and perspective are … To inform and support with sensible debate. To accept we may not all agree but to respect others views. To value the work our teachers do. To value the work the Department for ‘Children Schools and Families’ and Local Authorities do. To help all those agencies value the work of parents and truly accept them as partners to be spoken to not at. To listen to other point of view and hope others will respect ours.