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State school took children as young as EIGHT on shooting trip to teach them about the countryside

By Sarah Harris
13 September 2013
Pupils from Eastbourne’s West Rise Junior School spent a day shooting Youngsters were given shotguns to shoot live rounds at clay pigeons Head Mike Fairclough wanted the children aged 8-11 to learn self-discipline said they deserved same opportunities as rich children at private schools
Equal chances: Mike Fairclough, head of West Rise Junior School in Eastbourne, sent his pupils to learn how to shoot
A state school sparked a furious row today after admitting it took pupils as young as eight on a day’s shooting trip.
Thirty children …

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Start schooling later than age five

Graeme Paton Telegraph
Formal schooling should be delayed until the age of six or seven because early education is causing “profound damage” to children, an influential lobby of almost 130 experts warns.
Traditional lessons should be put on hold for up to two years amid fears that successive governments have promoted a “too much, too soon” culture in schools and nurseries, it is claimed.
In a letter to The Daily Telegraph, the group of academics, teachers, authors and charity leaders call for a fundamental reassessment of national policies on early education.
It is claimed …

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Your chance to have your say

Do you know of any cases of people struggling to find primary school places. Or of schools with more than 30 pupils per class?