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Pupils packed in like sardines: Baby boom and migrant influx fuel school places crisis

One third of councils laying on ‘bulge’ reception classes for start of term Crisis caused by immigration, baby boom and more children in state schools
Some schools renting out office space to cope with increased demand
One in ten children going to primary that was not first choice of family
Thousands of pupils are being squeezed into extra classes at primary schools struggling under a huge influx of children.
Amid a raft of emergency measures, a third of councils are being forced to lay on the ‘bulge’ reception classes for the term starting …

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Obesity Warning For British Children

Children face serious health problems in later life because they are not eating enough fruit and vegetables and are not doing enough exercise, the British Heart Foundation has warned.
Teenagers seem to be worse than younger age groups,

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Girls left out of pocket money while boys earn more for chores or where we go wrong today

The pocket money savings website PktMny analysed more than 3,800 household chores and tasks from its system undertaken by boys and girls between the ages of eight and 18.