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School Places

29th July 2013
Labour’s Chris Oxlade says parents already struggle to get their children into their first choice school and the situation is only going to get worse. What he forgot to sat is :
Primary schools were initially not included in BSF, although in March 2006 it was announced that a parallel programme – the Primary Capital There were no clear or consistent objectives set down to judge progress, or to establish if this was the best way to spend £45 billion on education. 800 schools most in need had …

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Instead of expensive gifts just say thank you

Independent July 2013
Instead of expensive gifts for teachers, how about parents thank them? It means more, and it’s free
Why have we got ourselves into the silly position of thinking that every teacher has to be bought a present at the end of every school year?
An apple for the teacher might once have been a well meant gesture but no parent should feel obliged to give there children’s teacher an expensice gift
Term ends in most schools this week and teachers, according to a Netmums survey, seem to be staggering home with …

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Nick Clegg: primary school tests for five-year-olds will not create ‘exam sausage factory’

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg today denied planned school reforms would turn the education system into an “exam sausage factory”. Mr Clegg was forced on the defensive after announcing proposals which could see five-year-olds tested for the first time and