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On the ball to improve maths and English

Sun Feb 03, 2013 Newark Advertiser
Football is the focus for Newark pupils working with Nottingham Forest FC in a bid to improve academic standards.
Twenty-eight boys at the Magnus Church of England School are being encouraged by the club’s coaches to do better at maths and English in return for extra time on the football field.
The community programme aims to make maths and English more fun by linking learning to football.
This includes similarities to the computer game, Championship Manager. The pupils, for example, improve their maths skills by building fictitious teams …


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Defiant Head Teachers Ramp up the Cold War with more School Closurers

Tony Halpin Times
January 23 2013
Thousands of head teachers defied Michael Gove and closed their schools yesterday despite a warning from the Education Secretary that they

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Margaret Morrissey and Lynda Waltho Times
Published at 12:01AM, October 20 2009
I have worked with education secretaries since 1981 (Margaret Morrissey writes) and I have never previously come across someone with Ed Balls’s style.
He is intent on doing things his way and, if he cannot get his own way, he holds a consultation with those people who agree with him in order to produce the result that he wants.
His attitude is: “I am an expert. I know best and I will consult other experts who do it my way.”
I have told …