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[4 May 2017 | No Comment | 843 views]
The Duke of Edinburgh retires

What an amazing man to have continued working for so many years the PTAs thank him for his support and commitment to the Parent movement . HRH the Duke of Edinburgh was a champion of Parent Teacher Associations for a number of years and was Patron of The National Confederation of PTA’s on our anniversary celebration he hosted a reception in Buckingham Palace and many parents from school PTAs across England & Wales were invited.

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[17 Apr 2017 | No Comment | 594 views]
Tax’ for children who bring in their own packed lunch

Sandwich tax’ supposedly goes towards cleaning and supervision in dining halls
School leaders said it was a sign of the ‘hard financial times’ their institution’s face
Department for Education called it ‘unacceptable’ and urged people to complain
By Sarah Harris for the Daily Mail
A growing number of state schools are charging pupils to eat their own packed lunch in the canteen, teachers warn
The so-called ‘sandwich tax’ costs parents up to £2 a day – which supposedly goes towards cleaning and supervision in dining halls.
School leaders said it was a sign of the ‘hard …

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[19 Oct 2016 | No Comment | 729 views]
Survey found 73 grammars favour children eligible for free school meals

By Eleanor Harding for the Daily Mail
Analysis has revealed 21 schools set places for pupils from low-income families.
Further 43 give some degree of priority in their over-subscription criteria

But some schools were doing ‘absolutely nothing’ to help the poor
Prime Minister Theresa May has insisted she will defy opposition to push through her plans for a new generation of grammar schools. Almost half of grammar schools now prioritise poor pupils in admissions and some reserve up to a quarter of places for the least privileged, new research shows.
A survey carried out by …