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Pupils failing to study British history at school

Children are growing up lacking a proper understanding of the past because key…

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Cheats Choices and Dumbing Down

This is the most useful book for parents, teachers and advisers and students. It gives clear insightful analysis of the current examination system, what examiners are looking for and how to achieve the best results. It comments honestly on the current controversy over whether some subjects are easier than others and whether some of the better Universities regard some subjects as carrying more weight than others Written by an. Reviewed for Parentsoutloud by a 42 year old mother doing A levels and 14 year old embarking on exams the …

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Department for Education

13 April 2012
New rules published today will put an end to excluded pupils winning the right to come back to school against the headteacher’s wishes.
Coming into force from this September, the new regulations will apply to maintained schools, academies and pupil referral units. The changes were legislated through the 2011 Education Act.Currently when a headteacher excludes a child from school, the school can be forced by an appeals panel to re-admit that child. This can lead to a disruptive child continuing to damage their own education as well as that …