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Audacious plan for east London secondary to become Britain’s biggest – dramatic expansions expected elsewhere to meet demand for places

Sarah Cassidy Independent
Friday 11 September 2015
The growing crisis over the shortage of school places could see “titan” secondary schools swell to cope with thousands of extra pupils, despite concerns over the impact on children’s education.
As local authorities try to cope with a surge in demand as a result of earlier increases in the birth rate, with those children now moving from primaries into secondaries, one east London council has drawn up proposals for a single secondary school to take in 16 forms of new pupils each year.
The council, …

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£60 fine for habitual lateness

daily Mail
Thousands of parents to be hit by £60 school fines if their children are repeatedly late for class
• Councils have issued warnings to parents to be punctual or face penalty
• Fines double to £120 if not paid within 21 days or parents face prosecution
• Almost 500 schools in Hampshire will implement rule from this September
• Council will impose fines if a child is late more than 10 times in one term
Thousands of parents are set to be hit by £60 fines if their children are repeatedly late to school
Schools are to fine parents …